Thursday, April 24, 2014

and to think

i been singing my whole life

singing these love songs that were written for you

by some other girl

dumb enough to fall for your

promises of a new world

You were lying when you promised

them their own

I am lucky to have a zone

apart from your own

      I haven't felt your love in a long time,

Im use to this

    I am use to this rhyme

Slow pain, growing pains

 Either way you and I will always be the same

Hating to love baby
   Loving to hate
You know you want  her back
So sad, I'll never be the chick you wish
you had

And I don't give a fuck
Cuz boy you down on your luck

You're rubbing my hair like there's a magic jeanie
in there

You can have what you want,
As long as I'm far enough
from you
to feel some
thing other
then your

I wanna feel something other then
your pain
and the anguish you
wish to bring
upon anything
that comes in the way of your

I don't love you,
its all in my head

All those times you read stories to me
and whispered in my ear
while I lay asleep in bed

Theres nothing I can do about it,
but remember the truth
The constant struggle for you to be eluded
from reality

Monday, March 10, 2014


i feel like its been a thousand hours
since i
seen myself last


Friday, March 7, 2014

one love song for the lovers

holy moly shenanigans



of the attempts to tame

the me
that i consider


i do everything
to please you

because i know 
im suppose to

i do everything
to please me

because i know
thats the way it should



your amusement park

my influence

you're in the dark

so far
come to
of you

you ain't solid

the muse that
kept your mind

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i didn't like that

of me

the seasons
that define

our personalities

blah blahblah

figuratively speaking of course

of me

changing personalities
like leaves

the pieces of me falling
from further above
my mind

further then the tallest pine

the seasons of our being

what separates the personalities
of our relinquishing past present and futures

the seasons
time for a new feeling

the seasons
a time for a new degree

Monday, February 10, 2014


Id rather be talking to you right now
then thinking of ways
to make through right now

call you back later baby
i said
that i was thinking
about coming over

said I'm heavy off that
baby dang

can't you wait
can't you go a day
without my
hellish ways

you pace back n forth in your space
waitin on a cowboy
to take you away into

I'm thinking of you
out of my mind
and into another

i find the taste of you
comes with

my patience could last a life time
as long i hanging over the edge
as long as i keep my head
down and pace
of mind

don't even think about whispering my name
baby ill go insane
ill break through these walls
david blane

u got my mind so heavy
need a crane to pick apart
these thoughts of mine

Monday, November 18, 2013

im sad

i don't know how to react

its like the feelings
you give me
are all bad

i don't think its ok
to love someone
this much
its to much to grasp

its got to be a fad

i can't imagine
else on this earth
being so

these feelings have
got me
going mad


how many times
can i say goodbye

how many times
can i pretend
to want 
to live
in a ocean
of your 

how many times
can i cry
after feeling
the way
against me

how many times
can i pretend to
not feel
how many times
can i pretend
that the
between you and
i is not real

this is
a stupid
i find no
in this

the scale
will weigh
how in
the end
our hearts 
will be nailed on
a plank
of wood 

am i misunderstanding
im so demanding
of myself

the moons gazing down on me
and i can't help
but to listen to what
its got to say
its saying
that I've got 
to do what I've got
to do
to stay
in tack 
with the plans of
my everyday

by the way

i hope no one is reading this


who is my mind kidding
trying to kid

i aint no kid
i think I'm well
over the mark
on that grid

so what i allowed you to live
in my heart

im not going to allow
the universe
to shift
the brink
of destruction
of my living

the system
in which
I've tried so hard to diminish
included you
and everything that the future
of you and i
brings with it


ill let u weedle right past me

slow or fast
it don't matter 

I'm just that classy
if u were a snail
ill let u live
and i wouldn't smash
hopeless creature
in the grass
and weeds


past conception
this idea
has gotten great
on the other end
of neglection
whats ur perception
of the idea
I'm attempting
to be reflecting


of not seeing you

im sick of
having to deal
with the 
of not being 
with you

im sick of
thinking about
all the 


im sick of 
feeling like ur my brother
im sick of thinking
that ill never have
a chance
to be with any other

im sick of 
all over the 

I'm only drawing
a perfect picture in
my head
i promise to 
achieve it
before i drop dead


jeez la frickin wheez

somebody help me please

can you pick the soul
right from my heart
i can feel
it jumping
from my

i can't stand to pick
my mind
any longer

the feeling
of hopelessness
is only getting

where do i belong
i can not
get along
and with
all the
things that
come with you

so who do
i see when
i see you
when i sit
back and think
i wonder
what exactly
it will bring
if i decide
to except
a ring

i know for certain
this is no fling
but jeez la wheez
my hearts been in
a sling
ever since
i realized
that ur half of my

protect me please
from any sharp
from entering
my mind
heart and soul
just bring
the love dagger
that u plan
to sting me
from your reach


is it the way you look in my eyes

or is it your soul
with mine

is it the way i see
in my face

or is it
the time
and place

that has brought
in a race
in a place
love crime

tortured souls

bobs and weaves
tucks and rolls

Monday, November 4, 2013

times flies

and my mind is just the same
time flies
and my heart still
feels the same pain

hell to raise
hell to pay

dont go against the grain
make this

time flies
and i still havent seen your face
time flies
and i havent felt your
skin or embrace

time flies
still am in love with
this emptiness
time flies
and im still
with the
idea of
could be
times flies
and im still wondering
if we can change
whats next

times flies
its wrong
for us
to be so far
ur so near
but we are apart

get over ur problems
i cant help you solve them
but ill revolve
the world
to the realm
where u dont have
to pretend

and time flies
i dont want to pretend

this time is flying
and we have yet
to have became
whats meant for us
time flies
and we havent
the reasons why
we met

Sunday, November 3, 2013


it kills me
it a crock of shit
never mind me
it just don't fit

popular I'm ugly
popular apprehensiveness

they don't even see me
they have no idea what this is

just act out what you have  been told

who am i
except who they have created
who I'm held
back from being

who am i
just barely breathing
who am i to
go a day with
out having a fit

all those people can have it
they need to live the dream
i can not be constantly
thru watching myself
I'm not even insisting
on being there
that moment

millions of people in the world

but you stick out like a sore thumb

millions of people in the world
but all these people
tell you
and have proclaimed
that you are the one

what fun is it to run
to have your mind
from everything
youve ever been

how have u became the person
you have
every moment
of your life
has been run

by someone

im a fictacious charachter
im everything
in nature
but a human being

im feeling like at
this time
im better off
im better a free soul
im better off
not really living
because this dream
takes a toll

dreamer out there
can steal
my frame of thought from me
every dreamer out there
can take these roles from me

what use is there in not living
in my body
what use is there
down these verses
from my head

no one ceases
to exist
alike me

no one fights this hard
to resist
from becoming
the person
who should
not exist
the person
that says this is it

the person that is judging
every moment
that i live

pertending to be down to earth
when my soul decides to constantly
itself from my body
and never
does it want
to sit
with me
im so indifferent
from my own being

i wish i was done with it

Thursday, October 3, 2013

things i wanna tell u

i think its pretty ridiculous
how im thinking
     got me wondering
and this energy
got me slippin
     i aint quittin
cuz i'ma remind me
of my goals
    im finding a way
to outsmart
the fool
inside my mind
    im finding a way 
to further
the time and allow my soul to grow
you could teach me something
other then
a hard lesson
     Maybe you could reach
me asking questions
     if u Could
read my mind
You could give me a sign
A smidgen of an answer

Cuz infatuation 
has robbed me blind

And just when I thought I got it over with, comes along another
Im just ducking around the corner now
now ur tryna catch up to me
The smiles every moment
Ive relentlessly spent
Im sick and tired
Uve got ur pistol in my back
im finding I'm
how can i let you
so i let you take them

one of your 

walkin thru a dark alley
I thought it would be ok
I didnt see nobody following

when I'm already far ahead
the memories of u and I 
in bed

that I fed
precious little lies to 
the emotions
of pretend

to much of my presence
feeding your ego
seems as though
u wish i wouldnt 
be finished yet

of ur masks 
and unwillingness
to allow
myself to defend

demanding for my prized possessions
im looking u in your eyes
thru the holes of a ski mask

to frozen to reach for
the knife in my boot
my blood and
bones are
along with every ligament

take from me so easily

i can feel your innocence
thru your intentions
to harm and
get your way 

everything that i held onto so tightly
i let you have it all
without even fighting

Sunday, September 29, 2013

got love

i got love

for all yall

im on the highest mountain
and im hittin every

when i fall

dont stall this time baby
lets just get it in
lets get it all

so make sure u dont crawl before u walk
just get up
and stand tall

This love stronger then a Stallion
let u be my weanling

Take u under my wing
Hold on tight
Dont fling
urself from my claws

Follow my footsteps
You can see my paws
in the mud

Lead u straight into the water
fresh and clean
Nothin like u seen
Full of prosperity

Animal love
Tear ur hesitance apart like
U got mauled
by a tiger
Bear hug u baby
we fit together like hand in glove

Ill fly high with u baby
Floatin in blue sky
This energy white and pure
as doves

said i said

said i said I dont mind

cuz my love is blind
and i got these eyes
they see fine

but when ur in my presence
my retinas
block the brain waves

findin something to say
is impossible
with these love goggles

i dont mind

a lil vulnerable
to hostility

ill keep showin my hospitality

hope yall not talking bout me

cuz i aint around

hardly ever
am i around

I got the time
but not the mind
to hear ur mind
Its fine
Cuz when I get that
Ima take you hand
and make it into your
Show you all the signs

Find a way
Find  a way
Thats all I hear em say
Find a way..


ur a celebrity in my life
i know these people must have ur
opinion of me a little twisted
but u see
u should see
the way
you have me feeling

cuz ur a celebrity in my life
the way u got my insides shining
you light up
my mind
u got my heart
and my souls
skippin stones

i can feel ur emotion
we're around

i wish things
didnt have to be the way
they are
but i guess
i its better
then having no other

Cuz ur a celebrity in my life
in the day and night
i feel you in my sleep
and in my dreams
i dont wanna wake up
cuz I need

in my life
ur a celebrity
you got my chest cavity
feelin heavy
i wanna endeavor
in order
to make it to you

Im thinking about your laugh
and Im thinking about the past

it only took a couple times around you
and ima make those moments last

Cuz I know we cant have eachother
But im my mind
Id take the first chance I get
to smother you
in kisses and hugs

Cuz ur a celebrity in my life
To others ur just a nobody
But to me
I wanna be your wife
I wanna find out the things
that make you whine

I hope at least I get one ,, Time..

Im waiting for you to sign your autograph on
my mind
Celebrity in my life.
Baby keep yourself shinin bright

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



so after
all this
we can past
the time
with laughter

whats the matter
u cant see far
to gather
your thoughts
on the matter

with all this pitter patter
in your mind
youve become blind
to all the sequences in between

dont undermine
dont time me
this is
with the

dont be a hater
just find
a way to relate

He's so high I ventilate

that i see u
only momentarily
that i peek thru
these shades
pulled over my eyes
i cant bring myself
to cry
when i seen
i dont know why
i just almost died
good thing
i caught my breathe
cuz for a second there
i didnt know
what to do next
what the heck
is wrong with me
and what is yet to come
how in the heck could u truely be the one
cuz i forced myself to not love you anymore
but even through solid steel doors
i can feel you
and you can hear me

Monday, July 1, 2013

Howdy doody

A part of me misses you. The other part has witnessed blue. Deep dark night and continues to walk towards the other side of the world, chasing sunlight. Blind folds over my eyes, I fight the fear inside. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Figuritivly speaking from another's standpoint

What is there to say, after all these days. Shamefully I rejected, shamefully you had neglected. Believe more came out of this then expected, believe there's a next step in this, subject of regret, a story for others to never forget. As long as we don't let the past keep our hearts protected. We may have messed up, countless times pressed our luck, we both learned from tough love, with just enough tenderness. Remember this, our lives aren't over, we don't have to call it quits. Both our minds have shifted, for we are both talented and gifted. I hope neither of us missed it the signs that were sifted thru the shallow depths of the shadows in our hearts. The energy that grew from us being apart took tole on our head starts in this journey. We continue to learn from thee, creator. There could never be a goodbye, just a see ya later. I love you, never could I hate her  

Monday, December 24, 2012


all i wanna do is hold you
and fall asleep in your arms
this is misery
im torn apart
hit me like lighting
quick and struck me in the heart


aint hard to find
if you stop yourself in time
take a minute
to look around
while your mind rewinds
signs.. point
to it all
signs.. dont allow yourself to stall

write down it all
its screaming your name
its screaming your name
you take the aim
you take the aim
right to the cranium
think of what youve become


in love all over again
yet another best friend
we can play pretend
ill be the husband you be the wife
thats the only
way you and i wont fight
im out of sight
yet i can see you see me 


on the ride of your life
a different city every few nights
grip onto the driver tight
wind on your skin
your dream is going to barely begin
since when is riding a motorcycle a sin
no more duckin and dodgin bugs
each of them a sacrifice
of love
i love to be on the road
at night
when its just us
i must find a plug
the electricity your givin me is far too much
i feel it in every hug


shes so special
it was potential
that grew into a miracle
i feel like a temporal fish
out of water
my vision so sought after
im living life
looking thru a fog
of know-it-alls
my spirits
straight up to the universe's creator
they create the fate for her
somber somber
as your peak.. thru
to the new..


heavy feeling
of heaven resting upon my shoulders
getting older and time is told to be moving slower
wishing he could hold her
who knows why its gotta be him
out on a limb

the curiosity will never end
i pray that the negative will never win
if only it could be for awhile
to watch you smile
is the feeling in my heart a lie


your songs are like praise
like prayers
like a God that was never there
theyre for you to share
with those unaware
im so sorry baby
im so sorry this has been so shady
you said you forgave me
youve been doing greatly
keep up the work
attempt not to go bazerk
for whats its worth
to all the ideas youve given birth

im extremely happy


nor is it business
the spirits
no need to wonder
ya youre sinking
under only because
you see other
then the rest
 would you have it any other
 be normal
and everyday


held in shackles
kept prisoner
what did they see in her
if anyone cared theyd stop you
to share a moment
i bet it feels like youre the only one
i bet it feels
like theres no much to 
i bet you wont mind
when you die
with the same soul in your eyes
theres nothing you can do
then abide by the rules
and use the tools
this is no manuscript


easier said then done
what has my life become
just wait on my next breathe
its all i got left
organs and flesh
lookin at the world thru mesh
a net never thrown
for me as im fallin
the gravity slows me down
its stallin
my crash


seeing me and you
is so practical
like magic
in fact
its so fantastic

realistically together we
so mystically
figured how to make history


stop n stare
what do you want me to say
hello its me just a lil translucent thing
any other day you wouldnt even
recognize me
i pass by you all day
in the streets
flashing  a smile with a silly grin on my teeth


the beauty of this earth should not be forgotten
thank god often
for the air we breath for all the beauty that we see
god is in every seed
gods creation grows into a tree
nuture it white it still exists

o no

did you learn your lesson
that God brought you today
did you take the time to pray
every second your alive
is the perfect time
to listen to what god says

in the wind
in the sunshine
mother natures calling your name
in the ocean, rivers, and lakes
within the universe lies your fate


life with god is  a fairytale

with a love thats never ending
with each breathe
hes sending
the power
the knowledge

do you hear the calling

the birds and bees 
are following
you can you see the future
thru the light
coming down in
between the tree branches
the sand from the beach personally handed down 

from centuries ago
as the ocean flowed it brought new life
to these shores

and yet the greedy people
still want more
whats another material belonging going to do for you
and the future of our planet

today is just a sample
of the journey
from the mantle
where no one can handle the heat


i forget
that its


live your life
how u please
make every moment guilt free
youve got all u need
soul mind and body

what what

im suppose to write about God till i knod off
non stop believer
i was conceived as a seer
never have we been more near
the end of our times
history repeating itself
and the universe
is aligning

change yourself or else
change the world


we've got miles and miles to go
where we headed only god knows
he granted us with this love
and even if you and i dont last
lets never give up


in need of something to hold onto
i look for hope and faith but theyre gone too
when will i see the day
and when will light hit my face
how come i cant find the words to say
to desribe the bitter taste
of defeat
i cant even feel the ground beneath me
why must life be sucha  tease
ive got all i want and need
yet it still feels like something is missing
the memories are gone i have no strength
no pictures for reminiscing
just listen to my sorrow

dear lord
what is my mission
am i resisting all your wishes
am i following
your system
which road have i been missing
running in circles
is this what you call christian
giving all that i have
and still nothing changed

the real septemeber

do you see me?
can you feel me around you?
ive lost you
and yet i know exactly where to find you
ill follow you where ever you go
untill i know that we've had to go 
looking for one another
inside of another
i love you
where are you


say one

visions in the night
thrill my senses
i sit back and watch
my future unfold
each nights dream
so vivid and bold

Saturday, October 27, 2012

yeah ok

here it goes

so fake its disasterous
this laugh
and smile
has been mastered

and if i didnt really believe
in all my intentions
then i would
this sad feeling
to you
and not the heavens

you see
there it went

where are we
who are you
what day is it

Monday, October 1, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


i came here to love so im taking every chance i get


i rely on my higher power
 to carry me im floatin on a cloud
 here im safe and sound
 hear the sound
oh sweet nothingness
 its bliss
 to just sit knowing thats all theres to it
with my higher power i wont quit

small medium at large

gonna stretch my arms around your spirit
 i feel every negative emotion
 and im going to clear it
 no more allusions
 see things for how they really appear
 youre near crying
 we're all close to dying
 can you make this moment last forever
 when our connection is close together
 will you take for granted or treasure
 this moment our connection is together
 even when we're apart
when the distance can't be measured
 will you remember
will you forever keep in mind
that we could never part our souls

to my friend

i feel as though you are so
 deeply depressed
enough to inject
poison into your body
the thoughts you tell yourself
 are enough to create the resentment


all i can do is sing
 loud enough to reach inside
 the hearts of every being
 freeing the dark matter
 that lingers like sand between our fingers
 the sound passes thru falling and
 flying away with the wind

think makes you

in love with my looks
or did you see my name in a book
 how long have you taken the soul from my eyes
i despise those who refuse to sympathize
 or at least realize what we're put on earth for
to love and adore they push us to the side
and tell us lies
 unable t0 come to terms that money and greed has taken over our lives
when you lie dead
 your body will not be with your head
 instead the minds power
will have said this is not your time
just yet
 so pretend for another day
 forget about the world

what the heck

empathizing for the world
 ill soak up your emotions
and turn it into a symphony
 theres no way to be pretending
 i havent been the one
you see all the fun
 whilst i was watching a fire burn
its been my turn to turn your ashes into green grasses
 as each of your sorrow passes
 im creating a space another galactic race
 just to say you had such a great day
 had it only taken you a minute to pray for love

stop counting on us to pick u up


you cant bring me down
 my brains working backwards
 and moving forward all the mean while
 i wont let you bring me down
 the skies still blue and the ocean still moves
 ive got nothing to prove
 accept the fact im willing and able to love
 ill never get enough
 to meet and greet you
seems as though ive seen you before
 i met you once
 now id like to spend more time with you
 can we see thru the illusion
 push all false knowledge behind with the ego
 how far will we go
 to prove to the higher power
 we are willing and able to love


attempting to pretrude feelings of joy
 and a great attitude
 seeing you down brings a frown to my face
 i didnt wanna leave you in that state
so off course and misplaced
 if i could
 i would trace your path back to the person
 you think about most


when the fear and doubts rise up
 thats the time to remind yourself
that we are blind to the range and power
 all problems are defeated
 long as youre still believing
a higher power isnt above or beneath
 heaven lies on the other side of our mind


see the best in you
 never regret a minute
 just be who you are
 take a look up at the stars
 they're so distant
do you even know you're apart
 of the beauty on earth
 you're birth was a blessing
 doing more then letting you live breathing is just the start
 imagine the feeling of love
 there's no more to be said
when you realize you've been lead thru your dreams

told u

you've been told what you wanted to hear
 but never near
 the truth
don't let this reality elude
what you have the power to do
each of us have the right to prove
with our minds mountains will be moved
 the answers to all your questions
 be surprised when no longer are you second guessing

 messages i bring to you
are the necessity that'll get you through
 the times your mind is full of doubt
when you cant help to worry live with hope in your heart
 although you cant see it you're never far apart
when u think of faith it feels like a brand new start

 live with hope in your heart
 feel it with you as soon as the day starts
 some say it'll never be with them
 i say it'll never be parted from me
since the beginning of my life
 i believed in the higher power to do their part
 i invested my truth and hope
now im doing all i must to take me to my destiny


If im not mistaken
 there's no time to be wasting
 the way love surrounds me like a shield
 every negative thought
 shall be revealed for what it truly is
 i didn't come this far to give up
 i dreamt and now i must live up
 to my creation
procrastination is not the game im  playing
there's souls out there to be saving
 each sentence was my fate
 to tell y'all
all problems are defeated long as you believe it
the higher power is living
all that your hesitant of its been seen and done
and all problems are defeated
as long as your believing
 the higher power is above or beneath
 hear on earth heaven
 lies on the other side of our minds

Monday, September 10, 2012

dont u know

I seen you in my dreams dancing for me
 Dang you looked crazy happy But the life was sucked from your eyes
 While everyone idolized our love
 How will we ever save us
We are exactly Just What The other Needs
Everyday away from eachother our veins bleed, only to leave a trail That leads Back to one another
 We are meant to be together
 To sail the seven seas of life with.
Without eachother we will drownd
 I can still hear the sound of your joyful voice so full of faith and poise
 This life Is Not a toy
How could we ever manage knowing we destroyed What God had intended us living out
 Every day without eachother we only continue to smother grey ashes on our souls
This life will take a toll if we do Not listen to the plan And discipline ourselves to complete our mission
 To ever know love again, Thats the postion we're in.
 Where do we begin knowing
 we May be eachothers best friend
What kind of dream am i in, When i Look into your eyes and still dont know where to begin
 What kind of dream am i in When i cant see my best friend.
 When no longer will the world have a loving hand to lend
 All because of the commands we didnt follow.
How will we live thru tomorrow
 Every moment away from eachother is borrowed and wastes
We should be ashamed of this, misplacement
Without eachother our love Is tainted


I know my mind didnt make this up
 Its Not a coincedence And it Aint luck
We've been blessed This i know For certain
No longer do either us have to be hurting
 Its eachother that we are deserving
 Its our destiny
 How come we are Not working For it
How come we let it fly by us
 Knowing we found the person

 Before the curtain Call I wanna know i lived it
all I wanna know you lived it all

jessica is not my name

What do you do about your First love?
The one you promised to never give up
There still out there lingering
 As you continĂșe with your life Each day stinging more then the last
Where do we go from here?
 When everything youve dreamed of is all you fear
 Lifes no joke Youre both dying slow
 Every minute apart the further you grow
When you need eachother and God told you so
 How far are you willing to go
To keep your First love

Monday, September 3, 2012

somethin somethin

from my eyes out pours the truth
give me any task
it tkes to prove
my love to you
the frequencies
around you
are so smooth
not to mention
the mood

who can i run to when im feeeling down
who can i run to
when the weight has got me down
i cant see thru the fog
now i can see thru the fog
as soon as you come
and allow
ill lay my head on your shoulder
and yawn
\relaxation is the perfect
in and out
of this time delay
pray please pray
that when the very last days
next to you ill lay
pray please pray
that when our last days
come next to you ill lay

more then an attempt

using the gift god have you since birth
who youve meant to be
inside your dna

feeling like im floating on clouds
living life upside down
right side up
is what they call luck

try seeing things in a different way
open your mind up
and pray
cause tomorrows another day

no be yourself
no expectatios but your own
youve grown
into more then a simple
human being
youre seeing more
then how others
perceive it
to believe it
as long as you keep your head up
long enough to watch yourself
achieve it
you need it and seen it
and deserve the life worth living
having learned

its your turn
to shine to burn
out the light
God have u
before he made u
he saved u

oh the one that seen me before i became me
the one that freed me
it took more then believing
to fly away
be shed of my old feathers
these new ones
helped me face the worst weather
out grew
my old conciusness
ive never been more clever

now theres always been one key
thank thee creator
my maker
our savior
will never let us down
love stronger then a diamond
makes this mountain worth climbing
take off from the top
on my wings the wind is pounding
gracefully gliding down to earth
with my feet on the ground
the sun sings to me
the clouds surround my mind so blissfully
swing my emotions into a deep blue ocean
mirrors help me see more
now u can hear her
for you neve been more near
soar and find your
for thee
he has mroe he creates the toll to
which you
sang and bells rang
time to change the
plain game of pain
where you once
had no
gain no range
 or time to tame
forget the blame you had for certain
forget the names of those who hurt you
deserve more then to have someone disert you
when u need someone the most
saying theyll be there and
all there left to do is boast


all i want to know if im worth the fight
will you fight for me or
will you take flight on me
when im having trouble seeing
trouble believing
are you going to give up
and decieve
the trust
i have in you
is unlikely breakable
no matter what you bring to the table
that day
in you my love
will continue to stay
    cause im willing to fight for you
    im willing to fight for your love

    • and when you cant see thru the fog
      when you cant see the future in tomorrow
      ill be here to fight for you
      ill be here to fight
      im no going nowhere
      ill stay thru every night
       by your side
    • feeling like something is meant to be
      is worth every feeling of hopeless being
      our love is all thats ever needed
      forever this love
      will be feeding

    • forever never judges
      forever never promises
      so its up to us
      to fight for love

    • feeling a little crazy
      like love
      has got me
      up so high
      any worry in the world
      when its just us
      has got me feeling
      like faith is
    • you give me just enough
      meet me half way
      and must i
      ill fight for us
      i know you feel the same way
      no doubt in my mind
      will or can ever stand in the way

  • Tuesday, May 15, 2012


    i feel
    like feeling
    i feel

    im free
    to feel


    wanna learn a lesson then look at my life


    until the end
    of your time
    i cant get you off my mind
    robbing thoughts and ideas blind
    mine of their own kind
    you align your own within me
    let me be free
    its humiliating
    God said it would be that way


    theres no where
    id rather be in this world
    then free
    that means you! and me!
    being who the fuck we are
    smoking weed
    to alleve the scares
    we are so near
    yet too far apart
    when i close my eyes
    i can feel your heart
    be with me now, be with me forever
    if you and i aren't together, then this life isn't worth the weather
    forget me never, hold me close to your soul
    and when you're dying - you better remember
    how much everything mattered
    the good times as they got worse
    feels as though the soundness of my soul will shatter, the ears of listeners
    all the glitz and glitter
    when you dead, its cold and the taste is bitter
    alone we shiver, like a winter

    seeing is believing

    can you imagine
    the woman of your dreams
    its not what it seems
    she's impeccable
    every inch
    and knuckle
    she's never felt anger in her life
    in her dictionary
    there is no strife
    no struggle


    we united together
    by not giving a fuck
    you took my hand in yours
    we pressed our luck
    day and day goes by
    we are prepared to duck

    uh huh

    he said yeah im a girl
    here i go
    throw my self through a whirl
    of pretend time
    this world is mine
    sit back and unwind
    with me
    feel the rhyme with me


    hand me that liquor
    hand me that joint
    i wanna get fucked up
    way beyond my point
    i wanna live
    but not on this earth
    i wanna die and come back
    rebirthed into a flower
    consumed with the power
    of the world
    but this time less frills

    Saturday, March 3, 2012

    soft life

    Soft life
    Pack light
    No strife
    seize the night
    Be pleased of your sight
    Use all ur might
    Wat rhymes with fight
    Other then to find your light
    No need to be precise
    Fly a kite
    The wind picks up
    Suddenly the weight
    Like a feather
    So light
    Justice righteous
    self wealth

    wats the date mate

    Life is so fun
    I am so happy
    they jealous
    Of me
    And the relationship
    I have with myself
    Nothing really matters
    I could mention what else
    Maybe someone else
    The ones who help
    bring a smile to my face
    Never again
    The path of your destiny
    Never let anyone
    Get the best of me
    The creator is just testing me
    I'll live for it festively
    To be next to me
    Is to have the presence
    Of spirits
    Capable of loving u
    Help you thru
    The dark abyss in your brain
    after a moment with me
    Your life will never be the same

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    my favorite color

    is no doubtably love
    the aura that shines from above
    all it took was a lil push
    and a shove
    i was flying highs
    like doves
    flying in circles
    on top of trees
    to the highest mountain
    its so pleasing

    do u understand

    do u understand the understood
    boys in the hood
    yo its all good
    aint it
    when people getting shot and shanked
    the life to be
    makes u feel free
    when u hit pavement
    its a rush
    werent u craving it
    your soul
    the lord will be saving it
    had only you tamed
    a bit
    should have quit
    that shit
    you wouldnt have ended up in a pit
    lake of fire
    piles of people
    smells like rubber tires


    Its almost been a month
    since I posted
    these poems, so fun.
    I haven't even used color, not even once.
    jump street
    I should have been playing,
    with fonts, sizes, background color, and text color.
    Maybe next time I'll even put a picture.
    Why, before I felt not to bother.
    I wonder back then,
    what was my fixture.
    Seems as though sentences are
    coming quicker.
    Soon people will want to read
    it with her,
    on a audio tape.
    Drive to work, and in their car they'll play.
    Possibly even imagine my face.
    heeeh heeh...

    jan 11, 2012

    from the inside
    Hide from the inside, within
    by the rules
    and pride.
    Take stride
    or die.
    You lie
    in a bed of tomorrow,
    disguised in your aimless sorrow.
    from the hate and anger.
    Realize, there's more to the earth then strangers.
    It's time
    It's time you subject yourself to another life.
    Howl at the
    of the dark man
    under the moon,
    it's dark now
    as it was in your mother's womb.
    So find,
    something worth holding onto.
    Create time
    within a bottle.
    When your old youll have something to borrow.
    Snood comments
    wont last untill tomorrow.
    But there you'll be, a coward.
    So today climb yourself a tower,
    jump and feel the power.
    Fly high
    and watch
    stretch the hours.
    Or think about those candies named "Zours," those things were good man. Yum

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    scratch that

    I just happened to be swaggin a lil more then your girlfriend
    Scratch that,
    I just happened to swag more then any girl man.
    didn't mean for it to happen,
    I didn't even take any action
    For this to begin.
    I ran laps round friends
    Set trends, 
    On accident.
    Never pretended
    When all was said and done.
    Once again
    I just be happened to be swaggin a lil more then your girlfriend
    Scratch that,
    I just happened to be swaggin then any girl man.
    I get back to this later,
    Descend where I left off.

    Monday, November 21, 2011


    i said im not ready 2 live fast die slow n steady
    every min dat goes by like hella fast in a bentley
     Lord help me I cant find peace&Im regretin.
    takin dis path.look where it led me
    Pull myself out dis trench even if da weight of my past is 2 heavy
     Lookin 2 da sky 4 dat heaven-ly angel lookin cloud lookn down on me.
    Tryin our hardest 2 b worth sumthin
    Watch wat da next day will bring.
    Ima wake up in da morning &Im gon sing
     Yesterdays pain was just a bee sting.

    monkey see monkey do

    wats not to love about life
    the common cold, strife
    silly mofos wit a knife
    cant even describe
    the feeling i get
    when a needle scribes
    words and pictures
    onto my skin
    like a typist
    showing secrets of the soul
    like a light switch
    dark matter passes
    the fire burns to ashes
    no longer
    will i allow you
    to create the clashes
    of tears and pain
    youll always be the same
    no words no names
    nothing to be ashamed
    in this world
    we are the only ones to blame

    what falls under

    Big blunder
    Loud as thunder
    No more fun
    Her past shoots fast like
    She wonders
    How can she finish the task
    At hand
    Its always been
    That branded
    Into your mind
    Where else
    Making you blind
    Searching but
    The answer you dodge
    Living in a fog
    Laying dead
    Like a log
    Soon you'll be one with the earth
    Since birth
    You waited
    For this curse
    To expel from your dreams
    Forever feel something
    That means more
    Then emotions and sing
    Loud into space
    Like if you knew exactly
    Where is your place
    Which city and state
    All the people
    With whom you can relate
    Better sit up straight
    This is not planet of the apes
    It's something much more great
    But no one knows how to appreciate
    So our days are numbered
    Like dates

    who really cares about a title

    All I got is this brain and my body. Not too long ago I watched a spirit fly outta me. Shit had me spooked undoubtedly. I kept moving like, I just wanna be free. Not realizing I wake up like a whale in the sea. You see im swimming thru life like I gotta be. Keep away from the shrimps and cowards that need to follow others for the key. You won't find your answer in my biography. Please, watch your TV screen. They'll tell you what to like, what's the scene. If that dont work Google the internet. If you haven't get it yet, try your local university. Perhaps they got what your searching for in the library. But whatever you do, dont count on me to deliver the word in need of ever human being.

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    who wants

    who wants to steal my music
    u can steal my music
    just dont tell me that you used it
    curses will make it useless
    no one can abuse
    this pen and paper
    like you fools
    all about me
    but still u can use it
    fuck it go ahead and be
    if you aint got no skills
    fuck it ill shoot this

     u Wannabees
    so sickening

    make me wanna scream
    join a team
    of the kings on thrones

    the brains of these soul scavengers
    find them at your local tavern
    getting wasted
    looking for a lesson to learn
    to drunk enough to earn
    any brain cells
    all they do is burn
    oxygen in the world

    give us real folks a turn

    im going berserk
    for what the its worth
    stuck with the WASTE of this earth

    nov 9

    you dont want to write no!
    you dont want to write
    is it because your afraid of what
    it is your capable of tonight
    did you see an answer in sight
    or did you do as your might
    did you keep your screws tight?
    did you burn a fire to gain light
    oh write
    you dont wanna write
    so afraid of what
    it might
    be like


    plaques on my walls
    ive got plaques on my walls
    my names in malls
    i didnt want my name in malls
    i stood tall
    yes i stood tall
    against it all
    i went against it all
    i walked after i crawled
    that was a long stall
    finally i made my call
    i got the call
    it came in the fall
    along with the leaves
    color changing and
    festive halls

    badda bing frickin boom

    badda bing
    badda boom
    soon as i step in the room
    my face is on everyones zoom
    its like i came out a mummies tomb
    or bloody outs my mommys womb
    i believe its my aura
    to others theyll assume
    truthfully theyll never have a clue
    as to who
    i am or why
    i refuse to scam
    those and myself
    are thy lamb
    so can you stand to qualify as a woman


    i can trust,
    that not matter who comes into my life
    itll never touch my mind or soul
    no never take a tole
    on who i am as a whole
    so if you happen to be evil
    if you happen to be negative
    i wont hesitate a or beg a bit
    i will send u away unconciously
    so i can be let free
    of all the chains youre attaching
    all barriors
    i will be smashing
    no longer will i let
    outsiders have a
    oppurtunity to be attacking
    nor snacking
    i will undo the latching

    nov 18th

    who woulda thought
    some of these woman in the world
    could be bought
    who woulda thought
    some of these woman
    in the world
    wouldnt have the strength
    to have never faught select battles in their life
    forced to be a mother and wife
    forced to deal with the strife
    of a cheating husband
    living in a neverland
    watching the sand of time
    move faster
    as she dreams to rewind
    she use to dream of a future
    of a family to nuture
    now all she has hurts her

    no title sept 25th,011...4:02 pm

    you dont need rythym to hear my rhyme
    no, you only need time and a mind
    see for a second we couldve been blind
    but we were saved in the knick of time
    im so pleased to say that
    it makes me cry
    knowing others will feel why
    its not hard to hear it
    you believe in your prime
    somehow someway in a matter of time
    i love the way God makes me smile
    they try to get me down
    but im happy all the meanwhile

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    I dont agree with hate but i do it

    i didnt mean to
    dislike you
    or the way you look
    not even the style of grammer
    you use
    i didnt mean to hammer
    into your everyday
    in fact
    it wasnt your action
    but what you say
    you pretend to look like you may
    have some sort of intelligence

    super irresponsible

    With my heart
    Ever since the start
    I never realized how to part
    emotions from reality
    distance into negligance
    what the fuck are people thinking
    do they realize what theyre representing
    forever rejecting
    any sort of substance in their lives
    cut ties
    to all love and
    who needs friends to make them happy
    when you got all u need
    where you want to find it
    in your mind
    and in time
    will grow into
    like they said so
    living isnt living
    unless youve gained your halo

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    best friend

    she was so dreamy
    caught the eye of every human being
    timing was everything
    how dare you step
    into a life uneasy
    best friends
    or no friends
    either way
    she was there to fight untill the end
    theres no way she could pretend
    for much longer
    everyday that passed
    emotion grew stronger
    she no longer
    wanted to stay home
    and ponder
    to spread her ideas
    and conquer
    the minds of others
    beyond her
    constantly in creation mode

    shit on our love

    Poo on you
    Poo all over your face
    How dare you
    Turn your back and  disgrace
    I know our days have been misplaced
    Yet still the past you won't let be erased
    I can still taste the bitter sweetness
    Of every greet
    I miss
    Laying next to your heart beating
    I'd spend the rest of my days repeating
    That feeling
    You give me
    Blood rushes thru my body
    I feel the
    Earth move from under
    She cant help but wonder
    If your capable of loving her
    So fond of you
    And your presence too
    I hope you can appreciate those who
    Fight for your full attention
    Ever morning I want to mention
    That you relieve all my tension
    It melts away
    I could use every word in the  dictionary
    To say
    Let me in
    Let me in your heart
    Can you be apart of our dual
    I've got emotions
    Although u rarely see me show em
    Fuck it I might as well blow them all away
    Cuz you're not here to stay
    U wanna love a lil and go astray
    I'd wake up everyday
    With a smile on my face
    U make me so smiley
    I wish he'd walks miles
    Till he
    Found exactly where he left me
    In a pile of regret
    Until I said all this yes
    U need to know
    I dont care how much u fight it yo
    I just wanna say fuck it and walk away
    He will come back to me one day
    I dont have to hope or pray
    God told me itd be this way

    Seeing isn't believing

    Can you believe. Can you believe? Can you believe it!
    Everything your mind has had, your body has concieved it.
    Theres a cash coupon waiting in your mail box, all you must do is recieve it.
    And need it. Believe in it. Believe in it. Do you believe? Do you believe without seeing it. Dream a bit. Love a lot. Fill in the spaces and fix that splotch. My lifes full like my belly. Therefore my belt goes past a knotch. All you've thrown is exactly what you've caught. You knew you could afford it, so thats what you bought.
    Dare to dream, dare to believe. Dare to think and dare to see. Further on is greater then our expectations.
    Further past our minds' regulations. Beyond any frustration lies the minds demonstration. That the life you live is our creation.
    -Jessi Paige

    Me Tarzan You Jane

    Smiley Smiley Smiley
    Miles he miles he miles he
    Walked thru the rain foreset
    In search of Jane
    He met many along his way
    But none were there to stay
    For he looked forward to that day
    In fact each morning he'd wake up
    and unconciously pray
    That he'd see her under the shade
    Of the tree they fell in love
    Monkeys dangeling up above
    Nothing to them was untouchable
    Together they were inseperable
    Their hearts were finally palpable
    No telling how much time was existable
    For they had seen to the end of the world and back
    They had seen all the love the rest of the world lacked
    Somehow he had found himself smack
    In the middle of a tree stump
    Rings in the middle
    Everyday they hadn't pretended
    Every word they said they meant it
    Every action was sentimental
    They had loved to their fullest potential