Thursday, April 24, 2014

and to think

i been singing my whole life

singing these love songs that were written for you

by some other girl

dumb enough to fall for your

promises of a new world

You were lying when you promised

them their own

I am lucky to have a zone

apart from your own

      I haven't felt your love in a long time,

Im use to this

    I am use to this rhyme

Slow pain, growing pains

 Either way you and I will always be the same

Hating to love baby
   Loving to hate
You know you want  her back
So sad, I'll never be the chick you wish
you had

And I don't give a fuck
Cuz boy you down on your luck

You're rubbing my hair like there's a magic jeanie
in there

You can have what you want,
As long as I'm far enough
from you
to feel some
thing other
then your

I wanna feel something other then
your pain
and the anguish you
wish to bring
upon anything
that comes in the way of your

I don't love you,
its all in my head

All those times you read stories to me
and whispered in my ear
while I lay asleep in bed

Theres nothing I can do about it,
but remember the truth
The constant struggle for you to be eluded
from reality

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