Monday, November 4, 2013

times flies

and my mind is just the same
time flies
and my heart still
feels the same pain

hell to raise
hell to pay

dont go against the grain
make this

time flies
and i still havent seen your face
time flies
and i havent felt your
skin or embrace

time flies
still am in love with
this emptiness
time flies
and im still
with the
idea of
could be
times flies
and im still wondering
if we can change
whats next

times flies
its wrong
for us
to be so far
ur so near
but we are apart

get over ur problems
i cant help you solve them
but ill revolve
the world
to the realm
where u dont have
to pretend

and time flies
i dont want to pretend

this time is flying
and we have yet
to have became
whats meant for us
time flies
and we havent
the reasons why
we met

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